Aspire and the Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) are pleased to offer an outstanding and valuable corporate partnership opportunity. The mission of Aspire is to connect residents of LHA to multidimensional resources that will inspire them to Dream, Dare, and Do activities that elevate their quality of life.

Your impact investment reaches far beyond our affordable housing communities into our shared community.

Your partnership will:
1) Allow the most fragile and vulnerable youth to improve basic literacy through our community based clubhouses.
2) Provide older adults with neighborhood based services that promote opportunities for healthy aging and meaningful connections.
3) Promote the wellbeing of veterans by providing opportunities to increase self- sufficiency and maintain stable housing.

Fill out the following form for more information about sponsorship opportunities with Aspire 3D: 

“We view this as an investment in our community to further the support of essential programming like Aspire 3D that gives crucial resources to Loveland residents,” said Jay Hardy, President and Partner for Brinkman. “We are very intentional about our donations and believe the positive impact Loveland Housing Authority with Aspire 3D has on families is tangible and inspiring. Their mission directly aligns with our core values which is why we continue to support them as one of our community partners.”

Jay Hardy | Brinkman